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readimension is a epub web service provides both file management and browser reader.


  • Book format: epub
  • File Explorer like File Management
  • Responsive web interface
  • Web based epub reader(satorumurmur/bibi)


Download the binary file from release page

or go get -v github.com/kyicy/readimension

Switch to an working directory where readimension will save data.

Create a configuration file, config.json

    "production": {
        "addr": "",
        "port": "10086",
        "serve_static": false,
        "session_secret": "",
        "emails": ["example@example.com"],
        "google_analytics": ""
    "development": {
        "addr": "",
        "port": "10086",
        "serve_static": true,
        "session_secret": "",
        "emails": ["example@example.com"],
        "google_analytics": ""

Then start the server

readimension --env development --path .

addr and port defines which ip and port the web service shall listen to. emails contains an array of emails are allowed to register users.

readimension will generate three folders {uploads, covers, books} and one database file readimension.db.

In production environment, it's preferred to set serve_static to false and set up a nginx instance to serve static files (covers and books).

Then, just enjoy reading.