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kitchensink-cordova: Example AeroGear Application Using Hybrid HTML5 + REST with Apache Cordova

Author: Kris Borchers Level: Intermediate Technologies: HTML5, REST, Apache Cordova Summary: Based on kitchensink, but uses hybrid HTML5 running as a native application on mobiles Target Product: WFK

What is it?

This project serves as an example of AeroGear's kitchensink quickstart, converted to an Apache Cordova based, hybrid application.

What does all of that mean? Basically, this takes our HTML5 + REST / jQuery Mobile based web app and converts it to a native app for both iOS and Android. Currently, these apps will need to be built separately but in the future we hope to provide a single build step for all supported mobile OS types. These concepts can be applied to the conversion of most HTML5/JS based web apps by just replacing the specific paths described in this article with paths that match your environment.

Available Hybrid Applications

The following is a list of the currently available hybrid applications. For more detailed information about a quickstart, click on the quickstart name.

This quickstart contains the following mobile OS types:

  1. ios
  2. android