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Alarm & Timer JavaScript App
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Alarm & Timer

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This is a basic Alarm & Timer application that handles either mode through the input.

X (number) alone will set a Timer to end in the inputted minutes. So "4" sets a timer to end in 4 minutes. The input can also read seconds, so "4:44" sets a correct time for the timer as well.

@X (@number) alone will set an Alarm to end at the inputted time. So "@4" sets an alarm to end at 4:00am. The number can be 0-24 (for 24-hour format), or 1-12 followed by an "am" or "pm" (non case-sensitive). The input can also read minutes, so "@ 4:44 PM" sets a correct time for the alarm as well.

There are preset buttons for easy inputs, as well as the Timer presets add to the input, so clicking the "+ 60 sec", "+ 15 min", and "+ 1 hour" preset buttons will put a "76" in the input, resulting in a Timer set to end in 1 hour and 16 minutes.

Both the Alarm and Timer modes will display both the time remaining until the alarm/timer ends and the time that the alarm/timer is set to end.

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