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Notepad App (React)

React front-end for a basic note-taking application

Register and login to a personal user account (no e-mail required), then create, edit, and delete tags and notes. Note entries can be associated with created tags, allowing for later searching by tags. Both tag creation and searching can be done by entering multiple tags, separated by commas. All notes and tags will be private and only saved/displayed for the corresponding logged in user account. Also features responsive web design for cross-device compatibility.

Created to be used with Notepad App API

Uses: React, Axios, Sass, Bulma, RWD

How to Use:

Click here for a live preview

No e-mail required to register a new user, or feel free to use the public test account: username: test and password: test

Alternatively, download this repository and run the front-end locally:

  1. Install the dependencies: npm install
  2. Start the server: npm start
  3. App can be found at: localhost:3000





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