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Benjamin is a flexible and feature rich WordPess theme build with Automattic's _s (underscores) theme 18f's Web Design Standards.

Be sure to install the companion plugin, Franklin to include various 18F components via shortcodes!


Post Format support

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Image
  • Quote
  • Status
  • Other post formats can be toggled, but there is no special support yet

Customizable layout settings:

  • Header background image (select the default image if a "featured image" is not set)
  • Header background image positioning
  • Header Size (slim, medium, big, and full page)
  • Sidebar position (left, right, and none)
  • Sidebar size (narrow and wide)
  • Sidebar visibility (hide or show on different screen sizes)
  • Hide parts of a page (such as the navbar or footer)

Template specific layout settings:

  • Default settings (the templates below can override the defaults)
  • Feeds (archive, search, categories ect)
  • Frontpage - a flexible page with sortable rows of widget areas
  • Single Posts
  • Single Pages
  • Widgetized Page - a flexible page template with sortable rows of widget areas
  • SideNav Page - a page template which automagically looks for ID'd anchor tags and displays a sticky sidenav linking to said tags
  • 404 page
  • 4 extra page templates
  • Custom post type single pages, and feeds
  • Each of these templates has it's own specific widget area (only used when override the default settings)

Sortable Pages

Some templates have sortable content area - 3 rows widgetized areas and a row for the page content.

Feed Featured Posts

  • a post can be marked as "featured" and displayed promptly in the feed page hero.
    This replaces the "sticky" feature and works on all custom post types

2 Color schemes

Header Settings

  • Change the order of the site banner (collaspsible widget area), the Hero, and the navbar.
  • Change the navbar size (slim and standard padding, it makes a difference when changing the order)
  • Display search in the navbar
  • Use a brand image for your site title
  • Make the navbar stick to the top of the page
  • A dark navbar color scheme

Header content customizer

  • the 404 page and the frontpage have customizable header content

Footer Settings

  • The footer is made up of optional, sortable components like:
  • return to top link
  • footer menu area
  • and 2 widget areas

3rd party plugin support

Contact Form 7 checkbox/radio, and form validation support

Custom post type support

Co-authors Plus support

Shortcodes and Components

These shortcodes are NOT included in the theme by default, but are available in the companion plugin, Franklin.

Here are a list of the currently available shortcodes in Franklin:

  • Labels
  • Buttons
  • Alerts
  • Accordions
  • Accordion Groups
  • Contact Block
  • Brand
  • Media Block
  • Callout
  • Navlist


A WordPress theme built with _s, 18f's US web design standards, and the needs of the people.



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