Python script to auto-generate "quick pick" march madness brackets from probability input (as in the format of the 538 data)
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Python script to simulate march madness brackets from ELO input (as in the format of 538's ELO rankings, but could be from any source.

Quick pick

When run with default flags, the script generates a "quick-pick" bracket (in the style of a lottery pick) that should be as likely as any other bracket (within the assumptions of the ELO system).

Monte Carlo optimization

The script can also run a Monte Carlo simulated annealing simulation to try and find an optimal bracket for a particular bracket scoring system. This works by assigning an expected value "score" to each model bracket, based on how a bracket game scores your bracket (more points for upsets, etc.) and the probability of those upsets actually occuring.

Scoring for the CBS Sports bracket game I am personally in is implemented, but this should be relatively easy to modify to change for other games

Getting started

  • install python3
  • pip install -r REQUIREMENTS


Run ./ -h for a list of help options

  • Generate a "quick-pick" bracket ./ -q
  • Run many simulations to look at summary statistics (useful for comparison with other probabilities to see how well the model is calibrated) ./ -s
  • Run a Monte Carlo simulation to try and find optimal bracket for scoring scheme ./ -m 20