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jordiOS commented Nov 4, 2011


Sorry if this is not the proper place to put this question,..

I've started using this library. Want to thank you for your amazing job in this project.

I have all nodes of my Drupal 7 accessible only to authenticated users. I'm able to connect and login using this sdk but I can't get the nodes because of an authentication issue.

I wonder if someone could help me with this pseudo-code so I can get nodes from my drupal installation via authenticated calls.

DiosConnect * session = [[DiosConnect alloc] init];

DiosUser * user = [[DiosUser alloc] initWithSession:session];

id response = [user loginWithUsername:@"admin" andPassword:@"myPassword"];

// I get a good response here

DiosNode * nodeController = [[DiosNode alloc] initWithSession:session];

id nodesList = [nodeController nodeGetIndex];

// I get a null list of nodes and an Authentication needed log message

Thanks very much!!



kylebrowning commented Nov 4, 2011

This is currently an issue with services.

Try the patch there.

jordiOS commented Nov 5, 2011

Thanks Kyle,

I actually found what was happening, I did not activate the "Session Authentication" of the services end point I created in Drupal.

Anyway, big thanks for the project!



kylebrowning commented Nov 6, 2011

JordiOS no problem, thanks for using it!

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