A simple Flickr Search application written in Swift
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This application is an example of searching the Flickr API for photos in Swift. Notably, it uses a UISearchDisplayController and the async callback pattern. See http://kyleclegg.com/blog/swift-flickr-search.

Search Screen Photo Screen

Getting Started

  • Clone the repo and run FlickrSearch.xcodeproj
  • No pod install or carthage update needed -- the only external library, SDWebImage, has been added to the project directly
  • Create a Flickr API key and replace placeholder with key in FlickrProvider.swift

The Flickr API

Images are retrieved by hitting the Flickr API.

    "farm": 8,
    "id": 15981410640,
    "isfamily": 0,
    "isfriend": 0,
    "ispublic": 1,
    "owner": "28339853@N03",
    "secret": "a0d5006167",
    "server": 7564,
    "title": "Chi shark week"

We use the farm, server, id, and secret to build the image path.

Other Notes

  • More details available at Swift Flickr Search
  • If you want to quickly test this out you are free to use this demo API key (0461b2b85aee5a025189ce3eed1aff6b), but I recommend replacing with your own API key from Flickr
  • Async pallback pattern in Swift credit goes to @szehnder