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An attendance taking application for the iPhone and iPod Touch
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Roll Call


Roll Call for iPhone and iPod Touch

A class project for CS160, Spring 2010

Roll call is an application to help take attendance in classrooms. Sadly, due to the limitations of the Apple Student License, Roll Call can't be downloaded through the App Store. However, if you have a developer account, feel free to build from the source.


Recent Changes

First, instead of coloring entire cells, we simply now have a button which represents the current attendance status. Since the table cells act as button, we changed the background to make these cells look more like buttons. Some people correctly realized that changing the status to excused would take three taps. Instead, you can now click the attendance square, and see all your options.

Removed the idea of Roll Sheets, instead only supporting classes and students.

Adding / Saving a note is now a two click process. Old way you had to

  • Click note icon
  • Click Text box
  • Click Done
  • Click Save

New way

  • Click note icon
  • Click save