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Vogeltron: a bot for sports subreddit

Build Status

A Reddit bot for posting MLB game schedules, league standings, and gameday threads. Currently serving duty in /r/SFGiants. Built to run on Python 3.3 and Heroku.


While Vogeltron was built for the San Francisco Giants subreddit, it will work for any MLB team.

Deploying Vogeltron

Before deploying Vogeltron, you'll need git, the Heroku toolbet, and a Heroku account. Inside the Vogeltron directory run

$ heroku create

Next, you'll need to configure Vogeltron. These are the settings for the Giants, please change them for your team.

$ heroku config:add VOGELTRON_USERNAME=redditbot
$ heroku config:add VOGELTRON_PASSWORD=supersecret
$ heroku config:add VOGELTRON_SUBREDDIT=SFGiants
$ heroku config:add VOGELTRON_TEAM=Giants

The VOGELTRON_TEAM value can be either the full name (San Francisco Giants) or just the team name (Giants) as seen in this list on ESPN.

To get league standings and team schedules to show up in your subreddit's side bar, add the following markdown to your sidebar


Add the Heroku Scheduler Add-on to your app (Don't worry, it's free).

$ heroku addons:add scheduler:standard

Next, you'll need to schedule Vogeltron to run this task every 10 minutes:

python -m

Once finished, just deploy to Heroku.

$ git push heroku master

Your personal Vogeltron is now up and running.


Pull requests are always welcome. Please make sure the tests pass, and any new functionality has tests. To install and test locally, just run:

$ make install test

Multiple Deployment

We have multiple subreddits using Vogeltron. Instead of having to push changes manually to each bot, we've automated this process:

  "raven": "SENTRY_API_KEY"
  "heroku": "HEROKU_API_KEY",
  "subreddits": [
      "name": "sfgiants",
      "team": "Giants",
      "username": "bot",
      "password": "password"