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To give the extension a test run:

1. Make sure the Smallest-Federated-Wiki local server is running on port 1111.
2. Start Chrome
3. Give http://localhost:1111/ a try
4. Open a new tab and navigate to chrome://extensions
5. On the new page, make sure Developer mode is checked off
6. Now you should see the "Load unpacked extension..." button. Click and point to the Wiki project directory, where the manifest.json file is to be found. Click OK.
7. The extension is now running. When viewing http(s) page a "+" badge appears. Select portion of the page and click the Wiki extension button. The selected text will transfer to the local Federated Wiki. 
8. Alternativelly, you can collect the entire page. The text is injected in the already created Wiki containers, or new containers are created on the right-most Wiki page.

Cople of notes:

1. This is the initial code! It is know to be working with the master branch as of May 31st @4pm PDT.
2. Wanted an extension that does not require adjusting any of the WardCunningham / Smallest-Federated-Wiki client or server code. This made the extension far from perfect. It automates clicks on the "+" button, dbllicks, textarea blurs. There is a need for communication channel between the Wiki page and the extension script. If the extension seems interesting enougn, will wire a comm channel.
3. In various pleases there is TODO notes. In one instance the note asks for temporary storage. In case the Wiki page is not yet up, there is a need to temporary preserve the text to be injected into the Wiki. When the page is up and running, it will ask for its new content.