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This is a client of TinyPNG for Mac, with which you can compress pngs without open browser and manually download images, all you need to do is just drag and drop.


Version 1.0.0

  1. New icon and interface
  2. Support "in place"
  3. Improve stability and fix bugs


  1. Register a KEY using your email at link. You can also do this from Client since there is a button on the window.
  2. Paste your key to window. (You can edit it when you need to)
  3. Drag images to the window.


From Github


Check "Anywhere" in Preferences -> Security & privacy if you can not open this app. Just for the first time, and I suggest you uncheck it after you open this app for security.


droptogif -- A very useful client for convert video to gif. I learnt how to create window from that project.


Version 0.9.3

  1. Update to Swift 3
  2. Add Pods/ to .gitignore
  3. Display progress when uploading/downloaing.

Version 0.9.2

  1. Support JPG and JPEG.

Version 0.9 brings a lot of change.

  1. Whole new design UI.
  2. New workflow and easy to use.
  3. Custom ouput path support.
  4. Sorted task list.
  5. Chinese support.


Developed by @kyleduo and available under the MIT license.