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Lithium is a set of applications written for the Django web framework. Lithium's goal is to provide every generic application a user may want on their website, such as a blog, forum, wiki, etc. Lithium could be installed to work as a content management system, my own personal website is ran by Lithium, and a few django apps such as flatpages.
First steps
* :ref:`Download <download>`
* :ref:`Installation <install>`
* :ref:`Contributing <contributing>`
Applications included with the latest version of Lithium:
* :ref:`Blog <blog-index>`
* :ref:`Forum <forum-index>`
* :ref:`Contact <contact-index>`
* :ref:`Wiki <wiki-index>`
Applications which are not finished
These applications are still being developed, wheather they are testing, or not even started yet. This list is more of a list of what's left to-do:
* Store
* Profiles
* Media
Getting Help
If you have any problems with Lithium, or have any suggestions you can contact `kylef`_, or ask in the IRC Channel: #lithium at
.. _kylef:
Other stuff
* :ref:`Base template (base.html) <base-template>`