An arch package containing rc.d scripts for znc
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This is a Archlinux package which contains rc.d scripts for ZNC.

pacman -U

Once installed you can create a znc config with:

/etc/rc.d/znc makeconf

And then run ZNC:

/etc/rc.d/znc start

You can rehash with:

/etc/rc.d/znc rehash

Adding znc to the DAEMONS (/etc/rc.conf)

DAEMONS=(... network ... @znc)

When you install this package (znc-system-wide), a user and group named znc will be created. The config for ZNC will be located at /var/lib/znc.

Using rc.d scripts with an existing ZNC config

You can edit the contents of the /etc/conf.d/znc file by changing the variables to point to your config and user.