Personal website & portfolio.
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Note: Until I work out a proper license, you are free to take all code not in a *.md or *.toml file for whatever purposes you wish. It is my intention that people be able to learn from this source code.

A personal website & portfolio built with Gatsby, a fantastic little static site generator powered by React.

It is styled using PostCSS and the cssnext plugin, which allows me to use all sorts of cool future CSS right now. I based my styling system heavily on Basscss, which is one of the most inspiring and mind-expanding things I’ve ever come across in this industry. I made two significant deviations from Basscss: 1) adopting Harry Roberts’ clever syntax for responsive suffixes, and 2) trying to adhere to a propertyName-value structure in the class names for consistency.

For more info, check the site’s colophon.