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This is a fork of m0mchil's poclbm:


  • Fallback mining pool(s) when primary pool stops working.

    You can use a false port to test this functionality:

    ./ -u foo --pass bar -o -p 8335 -d 1 -v --backup, --tolerance 10 --failback 1

    Port 8335 is an invalid port in this example so the connection will fail and use the mining pool(s) sequentially given using --backup.

    Multiple backup pools can be specified delimited by commas.

    --tolerance allows you to control how many failed, consecutive work requests are necessary before switching to the next pool.

    When there are no more backup pools left, the code tries the primary pool again and resets the backup pool index, starting the cycle over again.

    Attempt to reconnect to the primary pool every --failback getwork requests. If set to 0, fail back is disabled.

    ./ --help
      Usage: [options]
        --backup=BACKUP       use fallback pools:
        --tolerance=TOLERANCE use fallback pool only after N consecutive connection
        --failback=FAILBACK   attempt to fail back to the primary pool every N
                              getworks (default 0, dont failback, recommended: 1)

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