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This script will parse a list of pins to be monitored from /etc/mqtt-gpio-trigger/ and publish MQTT message whenever they change state.
If it's run on a Raspberry Pi, you will need the WiringPi library from as the gpio command is used to export the pins to the sysfs interface.
sudo apt-get install python-mosquitto git
mkdir /etc/mqtt-gpio-trigger/
git clone git:// /usr/local/mqtt-gpio-trigger/
cp /usr/local/mqtt-gpio-trigger/mqtt-gpio-trigger.cfg.example /etc/mqtt-gpio-trigger/mqtt-gpio-trigger.cfg
cp /usr/local/mqtt-gpio-trigger/mqtt-gpio-trigger.init /etc/init.d/mqtt-gpio-trigger
update-rc.d mqtt-gpio-trigger defaults
cp /usr/local/mqtt-gpio-trigger/mqtt-gpio-trigger.default /etc/default/mqtt-gpio-trigger
## Edit /etc/default/mqtt-gpio-trigger and /etc/mqtt-gpio-trigger/mqtt-gpio-trigger.cfg to suit
/etc/init.d/mqtt-gpio-trigger start