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Raised the publishing logging events to info from debug

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1 parent b18e19b commit 167e2416afa1a4a34342cefa507304ddff7dcae3 @kylegordon committed Sep 28, 2012
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@@ -105,11 +105,11 @@ def on_message(msg):
if msg.topic in RepublishingMap.mapdict:
## Found an item. Replace it with one from the dictionary
mqttc.publish(RepublishingMap.mapdict[msg.topic], msg.payload)
- logging.debug("Republishing: %s -> %s", msg.topic, RepublishingMap.mapdict[msg.topic])
+"Republishing: %s -> %s", msg.topic, RepublishingMap.mapdict[msg.topic])
# Received something with a /raw/ topic, but it didn't match. Push it out with /unsorted/ prepended
mqttc.publish("/unsorted" + msg.topic, msg.payload)
- logging.debug("Unknown: %s", msg.topic)
+"Unknown: %s", msg.topic)
def main_loop():

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