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@@ -5,10 +5,12 @@ Reflect lives in your menu bar, and allows you to simply drag files into it to r
Reflect also includes file change monitoring, and will immediately send new data to all clients upon data change.
-![Reflect Server](
+![Reflect Server](
Don't have Xcode? Don't wanna build it?
-→ The server by its lonely self can be downloaded directly [here](
+→ The server by its lonely self can be downloaded directly [here](
+Note: This direct link may not always be the latest build. It is recommended that you clone this repo and build the server yourself.
I'm hoping that if I can get the image reflect client (included in this repo) done in the next couple weeks I can release it in the App Store as a free product.
@@ -36,7 +38,7 @@ I'd like for you to choose in the preferences what your file types your Reflect
## Image Reflect Client
I've included what I set out to build in the first place: An image reflect client. **It is still incomplete** though.
I will be hopefully working on it some more in the next few weeks to add in the missing features:

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