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Abstraction-based controller synthesis using multiscale (adaptive) resolution
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Welcome to MASCOT

SCOTS, by Matthias Rungger et al., is a C++ tool (with a small Matlab interface) to synthesize controllers for possibly perturbed nonlinear control systems with respect to safety and reachability specifications. SCOTS can be downloaded at

MASCOT builds upon SCOTS by using multi-layered abstractions and lazy exploration to enable adaptive fixed points in controller synthesis process.


  • A C++ development environment where you can compile C++ source code.

  • The CUDD library by Fabio Somenzi, which can be downloaded at SCOTS uses the dddmp and C++ wrapper of the CUDD library.

    In the example computations we used cudd-3.0.0 which we configured with

    $./configure --enable-shared --enable-obj --enable-dddmp --prefix=/opt/local/

  • MASCOT is a header only library. You need only add the SCOTS source directory to the include directory in the compiler command.

    Further details are found in the readme files in example directories and in the manual.

Directory structure

  • ./bdd/ Contains the source C++ source code for the SCOTS, MASCOT classes which use Binary Decision Diagrams as the underlying data structure

  • ./doxygen/ C++ Class documentation directory

  • ./examples/ Some C++/Matlab programs demonstrating the usage of basic SCOTS

  • ./test/ Examples demonstrating the usage and performance of MASCOT

  • ./mfiles Contains an mfile as a wrapper to the mex-file functions

  • ./mfiles/mexfiles/ mex-file to read the C++ output from file

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