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Kyle Hotchkiss' ~/Projects folder

A collection of small tools I've built in javascript for day-to-day needs, organized by date. I've worked with JS for about a decade so using it for scripting jobs comes naturally.

These tools are free to use but most require a Google API key with the Maps API enabled and others are scraper-like tools that have been given generalized names and require some technical know-how to grab API responses or API routes in order to use. Some tools may no longer work as their purpose has been succeeded by other tools or their API calls are now broken.


  • Name projects like this: YYYY-MM-DD-%project-slug%
  • Input files should live in the input folder and not be included in this repo
  • Output files should live in the output folder. Also not included in this repo.
  • API Keys should live in .env, which is .gitignored and should be loaded with the dotenv package.

Disclaimer / Licence

These tools are provided in an open-source and free to use manner but are not released or intended to be used for commerical purposes.


Contents of my ~/Projects/utilities folder. A collection of small tools I've built in javascript for day-to-day needs.






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