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Keywords no longer being returned #135

mattschultz opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants


When querying a video (e.g. client.video_by(link)), it does not return the video's keywords.


check please cause is working fine for me

puts client.video_by("").title

#fundacion tuquito

@chebyte chebyte closed this

I suspect that this is related to these changes announced back in August:

@chebyte if you haven't seen this yet you might want to prepare for it. This just started happening to us, we're no longer getting keywords back. They could be rolling out this change slowly or something.

I've bitten by this recently on an app for a client. When we are updating video metadata the existing tags are getting cleared since we have to pass all parameters to update the video. We are still allowed to write tags so we are passing back the empty array we got and are overwriting the tags that were there.

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