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A LEMP stack built using Docker
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LEMP Stack

Powered by Docker containers

This is a LEMP stack that is powered by Docker containers.

Create a new Application

To create a new application, just run -a <app_name> and it will install everything needed to get your app up and running.


  • Docker for MacOS


./ -a localhost

This will install your application and make it viewable by the localhost domain.

./ -a my-web-app.test

Domain Resolving

To have these fake domains work as if they were online, you need to edit your hosts file or use a service list dnsmasq.


Using the latest version of NGINX on the alpine OS - to keep it small!

It also includes configurations from the h5bp NGINX configs to make it more secure and easily fine tuned to your liking.


Using the latest version of PHP, also on the alpine OS. This version was be modified though using environment variables.

If you don't want the latest version of PHP, just change the PHP_VERSION variable in the .env file.


By default, there are some extensions installed and configured on build

  • OPCache
  • Mcrypt
  • SSH2

These can be removed in the Dockerfile under build/php

Note: the mcrypt extension does not need to be loaded with PHP versions > 7.1

More can easily be added by running the docker-ext-php-install script.


Using the latest version of MariaDB.

Environment variables must be set-up if you wish to use specific values for the database name or the password etc.

By default, only the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and MYSQL_DATABASE variables are available but you can add more if needed. Default user is root.

Note: This can be switched to MySQL just by changing the image name

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