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An open source document for startups who need to deal with recruiters
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About the NTR Policy

This NTR Policy was set up by vzaar after doing several rounds of recruitment. We found the overhead from dealing with recruiters and recruiting agencies exceeded our capacity as a team to manage the process effectively.

This mainly stems from two issues:

  • Recruiters phone a lot, tech companies work better by email
  • There are too many recruiters to effectively manage

A better process was needed and, drawing heavy inspiration from Shutl: Note to Recruiters and Moo: Hello Recruiters, we created this policy.

Since this may be of use to other companies out there we've shared it. Feel free to use this text verbatim, or altered to suit your business.

Please fork it, change it. Also, if you feel there are changes that would benefit the source material, submit a pull request.

Creative Commons License
NTR by vzaar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
## Companies using the NTR
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