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My configuration for binfmt_misc
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binfmt_misc config

The details of binfmt_misc are well documented and discussed. Basically, binfmt_misc lets you tell the kernel how to execute a particular binary that isn't ELF and that doesn't start with a shebang (#!). This means you can ./ execute files that you usually wouln't be able to.



sudo ./

which will install all the formats in the formats/ directory. Warnings may be printed during install if dependencies cannot be found; however, the format's configs will still be installed.


The files that you run must have the executable bit set.

For example to run a new .decaf file:

$ chmod +x ./test.decaf
$ ./test.decaf

or to run a new .jar file:

$ chmod +x cool_app.jar
$ ./cool_app.jar

of course, chmod need only be set the first time the binary is executed.


After running the script, you should be able to verify that the installation worked by running the corresponding file in the test/ directory.

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