Tapped: NFC Developer's Guide

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To help you get started with NFC development on Android we created a developer guide. The guide assumes no prior knowledge of Android development, but knowledge of Java is necessary. You will also need an NFC-enabled smartphone for NFC tag interactions and two devices to experiment with Android Beam. The source code of the demo application you will develop is located in this repository (see https://github.com/kylelampert/Tapped/tree/master/Tapped-Developer-Guide). Don't forget to read the README if you want to just check out and run the source code!

PART 1: ZERO TO ANDROID BEAM IN 22 PAGES The guide’s Part 1 starts out by walking you through the steps of creating a simple app. It will familiarize you with the steps necessary for Android development and using its NFC-based Beam functionality. It includes introductions to the Eclipse development environment and Android related downloads.

Tapped NFC Developer Guide - Part 1

PART 2: TAGS AND BEYOND The second part of the guide will go further and lead you through the creation of a fully-fledged Android NFC app capable of reading and writing to tags. The app will also use NFC peer-to-peer functionality.

Tapped NFC Developer Guide – Part 2

PART 3: TALKING APIS In the third and final part, the guide will show you how to make the app more powerful using APIs from our partners at Kinvey and Facebook. Kinvey makes it dead simple to build a cloud-based application to support your Android app. It will store your app’s data and easily help you retrieve it. Facebook, the one, the only, gives you the ability to plug into the social fabric of the people around you, making your app more relevant and useful to their day to day lives.

Tapped NFC Developer Guide – Part 3