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Coding Guidelines

  • You can validate that your code complies with these guidelines by running stuff/ validate
  • Tabs, no spaces
  • End of line should should be Unix style (\n), not Windows style (\r\n)
  • Opening brackets goes in the same line as the last statement
    if (condition) {
  • A space between keywords and parenthesis for: if, else, while, switch, catch, function
  • Function calls have no space before the parentheses
  • No spaces are left inside the parentheses
  • A space after each comma, but without space before
  • All binary operators must have one space before and one after
  • There should not be more than one contiguous blank line
  • There should be no empty comments
  • You should not use block comments / * ... * /, only line // ...
  • Changes in functionality must be accompanied by their respective new / modified tests
  • Exceptions must be used to report erroneous states. The use of functions that return true / false is allowed when they are expected values
  • Use [RAII] ( when appropriate, mainly in the administration of resources (files, etc ...)
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