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Contributing Guide

  • Contributing to The Documentation Compendium is fairly easy. This document shows you how to get started


  • The Codebase Structure has detailed information about how the various files in this project are structured
  • Please ensure that any changes you make are in accordance with the Coding Guidelines of this repo

Submitting changes

  • Fork the repo
  • Check out a new branch based and name it to what you intend to do:
    • Example:
      $ git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME
      If you get an error, you may need to fetch fooBar first by using
      $ git remote update && git fetch
    • Use one branch per fix / feature
  • Commit your changes
    • Please provide a git message that explains what you've done
    • Please make sure your commits follow the conventions
    • Commit to the forked repository
    • Example:
      $ git commit -am 'Add some fooBar'
  • Push to the branch
    • Example:
      $ git push origin BRANCH_NAME
  • Make a pull request
    • Make sure you send the PR to the fooBar branch
    • Travis CI is watching you!

If you follow these instructions, your PR will land pretty safely in the main repo!

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