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Open Mat


Open mat is an app that allows you to find martial art gyms nearby that offer open mats. It uses geolocation to retrieve user location and then makes use of geospatial Mongoose queries to find nearby gyms by given parameters.


Use Case

Why is this app useful? Typically, martial artists in disciplines like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu want to be able to get practice in when traveling or during relocation without committing to membership at a new gym. Most gyms have what are known as 'open mats', which are basically times set aside for sparring and training without structured curriculum, where non-members are allowed to participate for free or a small fee. When in a new area, it's currently a hastle to find these gyms, then dig through their website for a schedule and then get a sense for how far away they are by going back to a map. Open mat makes it easy for a user to see which gyms are nearby that offer open mats at a time that is convenient to their schedule.

Live Site

You can access Open Mat at


  • The app is built suing the MERN stack. The front-end is built using HTML5, CSS3/SASS, React, and Redux. The back-end makes use of Node, Express and MongoDB.

About Me

I am currently available for hire! You can visit my personal website at