A C++ library for molecular modelling, cheminformatics and molecular visualization.
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chemkit - an open source software library for chemistry

=== Introduction ==============================================================

chemkit is is an open source software library for cheminformatics, molecular 
modeling and molecular visualization. The chemkit library is written in C++ 
using the Qt framework.

For more information see the chemkit website: http://www.chemkit.org

=== Installation and Usage ====================================================

See the included INSTALL file for directions for compiling, installing, and
using the chemkit library.

=== License ===================================================================

The chemkit library is licensed under the BSD license. See the included
LICENSE file to view the full license text.

=== Contact and Support =======================================================

For support with the chemkit library and/or applications please use one
of the following contact methods:

Bug Tracker: http://github.com/kylelutz/chemkit/issues
IRC: #chemkit on irc.freenode.net
Mailing List: chemkit-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net