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# slashgreen
# [/green](
> **Note:** This project is in early development, and the copy is stream-of-conciousness, for now.
As consumers become more critical about the purchasing decisions they make and the companies support, there is a growing interest to better understand a business' commitment to the environment before doing business with them. Unfortunately that information is extremely difficult to come across. Businesses either do not have a concise way of sharing this information or don't share it at all.
> [/green]( aims to be a canonical source to understand a business' commitment to the environment
To facilitate this, [/green]( proposes companies reserve the /green URL location to be the place to share this information
This way, consumers know exactly where to look to find out about a companies commitment to conservation and sustainability.
### Acknowledgements
[/green]( is heavily influence by the [/purpose]( initiative by the folks at [Fictive Kin](
### TODO
- why we think it's important to share this
- dos and donts
- how to join in
- other resources

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