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templates for various creative coding environments to work with FaceOSC
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FaceOsc Templates

2012 Dan Wilcox, et al.

for the Spring 2012 IACD class at the CMU School of Art

Templates for receiving face tracking Open Sound Control messages from Kyle McDonald's FaceOSC wrapper around Jason Saragih’s FaceTracker

Download FaceOSC and get started with a template project for one of the following creative coding environments:

Make sure FaceOSC is running and a face is detected (face mesh is drawn). The face detection runs very slowly (0.5 fps) while searching for a face. It speeds up to around 30fps once a one is found. Also, make sure you face is evenly lit.

Further info:

  • FaceOSC uses port 8338 by default for OSC communication
  • the FaceOSC window size is 640 x 480
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