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#pragma once
#include "ofMain.h"
#include "ofxKinect.h"
#include "ofxSTL.h"
#include "ofxAutoControlPanel.h"
#include "ofxDelaunay.h"
#include "ofxCv.h"
using namespace ofxCv;
using namespace cv;
#include "ofxReplicatorG.h"
// constant scale regardless of size
// oriented correctly and sitting against the bed
class Triangle {
ofVec3f vert1, vert2, vert3;
Triangle() {
Triangle(ofVec3f a, ofVec3f b, ofVec3f c) :
vert1(a), vert2(b), vert3(c) {
class testApp : public ofBaseApp {
void setup();
void update();
void draw();
void exit();
void keyPressed(int key);
void cutoffKinect();
void smoothKinect();
void injectWatermark();
void updateSurface();
void updateTriangles();
void updateTrianglesSimplify();
void updateTrianglesRandom();
void addBack(ofVec3f& a, ofVec3f& b, ofVec3f& c);
void addBack(ofVec3f& a, ofVec3f& b, ofVec3f& c, ofVec3f& d);
void updateBack();
ofVec3f getSurface(XYZ& position);
void postProcess(ofVec3f& vert, float scale);
void postProcess(vector<ofVec3f>& normals);
void postProcess(vector<Triangle>& triangles, float scale);
void postProcess();
ofxKinect kinect;
ofEasyCam cam;
vector<ofVec3f> surface;
vector<Triangle> triangles;
vector<ofVec3f> normals;
vector<Triangle> backTriangles;
vector<ofVec3f> backNormals;
ofVec3f offset;
float backOffset;
float zCutoff;
float globalScale;
Point2d roiStart, roiEnd;
ofLight redLight, greenLight, blueLight;
ofImage watermark;
ofxAutoControlPanel panel;
ofxReplicatorG printer;
ofxDelaunay triangulator;
float injectWatermarkTime, updateSurfaceTime, updateTrianglesTime, updateBackTime, postProcessTime, renderTime;