A very fast, configurable GPU blur addon that can also simulate bloom and different kernel shapes.
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ofxBlur is an addon for openFrameworks

ofxBlur uses a ping-pong technique on the graphics card to do a very fast, configurable blur. ofxBlur can also simulate bloom given the right parameters.

Only call setup() once. You must specify the width and height so the internal FBOs can be allocated. radiusdescribes the radius of the blur kernel. The larger the radius, the longer it takes to compute the blur. If you want a larger apparent radius at the same speed, use setScale(x) where x>1. This yields a lower-quality but faster blur. shape describes the circularity/squareness of the kernel. For a more circular kernel, use smaller values like .2 and for a more square kernel use larger values like 10. For more square kernels, rotating the kernel has an obvious visual effect. use setRotation() to set the rotation of the kernel in radians. Finally, using the passes and downsample arguments, you can run the blur filter multiple times at different scales and ofxBlur will combine the results for you. This can be used to create a more bloom-like or fog-like effect.

ofxBlur was originally written for Eyeshine, a collaboration between Golan Levin and Kyle McDonald.