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openFrameworks addon for parsing, rendering, manipulating and saving BVH files.
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This addon was began as an example in the Perfume Global Project written by Satoru Higa but has since been rewritten from scratch. The new version maintains some of the old functionality but also adds some important features.


  • Faster file loading than before.
  • Writing from modified skeletons back to motion data.
  • Saving BVH files.
  • Supports multiple (but not all) BVH formats.
  • Playback doesn't accumulate error.


  • Doesn't report all file reading errors.
  • Playing in reverse past the beginning is undefined, but will not crash.
  • Only loads one ROOT hierarchy per file (same as original addon).

Modifying matrices and raw data

Motion data in a BVH files is a list of real numbers (double precision). ofxBvh converts this into local and global matrices. If you manually modify the ofxBvhJoint::localMat, you should call ofxBvh::read() then ofxBvh::update() to keep everything in sync. If you manually modify ofxBvhJoint::raw data, you should call ofxBvh::readJointsRaw() then ofxBvh::update() to keep everything in sync. More thoroughly, there are four representations:

  1. .bvh file
  2. ofxBvh::motion
  3. ofxBvhJoint::raw
  4. ofxBvhJoint::localMat

To convert:

  • From 1 to 2: ofxBvh::load()
  • From 2 to 1: ofxBvh::write()
  • From 2 to 3 to 4: ofxBvh::update()
  • From 4 to 3 to 2: ofxBvh::read()
  • From 2 to 3: ofxBvh::updateRaw()
  • From 3 to 4: ofxBvh::updateMatrix()
  • From 4 to 3: ofxBvh::readMatrix()
  • From 3 to 2: ofxBvh::readRaw()

Porting old ofxBvh code

ofxBvh::load() has been replaced by a constructor. Instead of bvh.load("...") write bvh = ofxBvh("...").

ofxBvh::unload() is not needed anymore and has been removed.

Some variables that are safe to read/write from have been made public, and methods for accessing them have been removed. ofxBvh now returns raw glm objects instead of ofVec3f or ofQuaternion, but openFrameworks will make the conversion automatically.

ofxBvh::getNumJoints(); // ofxBvh::getJoints().size()
ofxBvh::getJoint(int i); // ofxBvh::getJoints()[i]
ofxBvhJoint::getName(); // ofxBvhJoint::name
ofxBvhJoint::getOffset(); // ofxBvhJoint::offset
ofxBvhJoint::getMatrix(); // ofxBvhJoint::localMat
ofxBvhJoint::getGlobalMatrix(); // ofxBvhJoint::globalMat
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