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DMX Pro wrapper for openFrameworks
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ofxDmx wraps DMX over serial control for openFrameworks

ofxDmx is based on DmxPro from Erik Sjodin, later adapted by Marek Bereza.

ofxDmx is targeted at the Enttec DmxPro running the virtual serial port drivers available from FTDI.

About Channel Numbering

DMX is an unusual specification in that channels begin at 1. There is no 0 channel. This means that if you have 24 channels, they will be numbered 1, 2, 3... 24. They will not be numbered 0,1,2... 23. Because of this, you have to more careful when you write for loops. This is correct:

int total = 16;
dmx.connect("tty.usbserial-ENS8KBA6", total);
for(int channel = 1; channel <= total; channel++) {
    dmx.setLevel(channel, ...);

Notice that the for loop starts at 1, and the stopping condition is channel <= total rather than the usual < operator.

Development Notes for updating to include the Enttec OpenDMX module

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