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USB support #9

naychrist opened this Issue · 2 comments

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naychrist Kyle McDonald

hey there, loving this addon for firewire but I get no love with my Firefly MV USB on OSX unless I use the latest libdc1394 from mac ports, if I do the following it works:

  • port install libdc1394 +universal
  • add to other linker flags: /opt/local/lib/libdc1394.dylib
  • add to user header search paths: /opt/local/include
  • change the include in Camera.h to #include <dc1394/dc1394.h>
Kyle McDonald

wow, super advice, i didn't even realize it was possible to get USB working with libdc1394 on osx! that's huge!

if you can fork this repo, built static (instead of shared) libraries for that version you're using, and update the .a file, that would be incredible.

otherwise, i'll just keep this issue open in case people are interested in trying this.

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