Metaballs implementations for openFrameworks using marching cubes and marching tetrahedrons.
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ofxMetaballs is an addon for openFrameworks

It's still heavily a work in progress, as it consists of two completely separate implementations that are only informally linked. In the future they should either extend a base class or be modes of a single class. There are also some slight differences in the way MC handles minRadius/maxRadius compared to MT.

The primary differences between MT and MC are:

  • MT can always be 3d printed, while MC isn't always manifold or even oriented uniformly.
  • MC is generally faster than MT.
  • MC internally uses a -1 to +1 domain, while MT uses 0 to 1, but generally shouldn't be an issue for the user as all data should be normalized to 0 to 1 before being fed into MC/MT.