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title: tmux
updated: 2018-12-09T10:12:27Z
subtitle: Quick notes on common usages
tags: notes, tmux

My leader key combo in tmux is<kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>space</kbd>.

## Copy text in tmux

1) <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>space</kbd>,<kbd>[</kbd> to enter copy mode
2) Move to text you would like copied
3) <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>space</kbd> to start highlighting. Selected text highlights to show selection.
4) Move to end of text.
5) <kbd>enter</kbd> copies text into clipboard.
6) Do whatever
7) <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>space</kbd>,<kbd>]</kbd> to paste contents.

## Handy shortcuts

* <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>space</kbd>,<kbd>x</kbd> to kill window
* <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>space</kbd>,<kbd>X</kbd> to kill window
* <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>space</kbd>,<kbd>space</kbd> to iterate through window layouts

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