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Add inital notes for CftBaT

Clojure for the brave and true.
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ You can find all my current notes on [the 'books' tag](#/tags/books).
- Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition (buy at [no starch press](
- Art of Debugging (by at [no startch press](
- Book of F# (buy at [no starch press](
- **Clojure for the Brave and True** (buy at [no starch press](
- [**Clojure for the Brave and True**](/notes/clojure-for-the-brave-and-true) (buy at [no starch press](
- GNU Make Book (buy at [no starch press](
- Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! (buy at [no starch press](
- Operating Systems
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title: Clojure for the Brave and True
updated: 2019-12-04T11:32:08Z
subtitle: First steps into Lisp.
tags: notes, books, clojure

This book is also available for free at [](


## Foreword

The first paragraph hooked me.

## Introduction

> Deep in your innermost being, you’ve always known you were destined to learn Clojure. Every time you held your keyboard aloft, crying out in anguish over an incomprehensible class hierarchy; every time you lay awake at night, disturbing your loved ones with sobs over a mutation-induced heisenbug; every time a race condition caused you to pull out more of your ever-dwindling hair, some secret part of you has known that there has to be a better way.
I did not know I felt this way, but after reading this I can not get over that feeling.

### The Forest of Tooling

I need to make an effort to not get suck here.
I have a habit of playing with tooling and turning all the dials.
Much of that tweaking will probably be better after I have some idea of pain points.

### The Mountain of Language

Looking forward to my first expose to any Lisp.
Long live the parentheses!

### The Cave of Artifacts

I wonder if my brief experience with Java and the JVM will be any help here.

### The Cloud Castle of Mindset

Really looking forward to this section.
Being able to apply Clojure correctly to the problems I am trying to solve.

## Chapter 1

Clojure now ships with a [native cli, `clj`](
Question: How does this compare to the book's (and most other tutorials) recommendation of [Leiningen](

## Chapter 2

I am having a hard time deciding if I should just bite the bullet and learn vanilla emacs.
I've used (neo)vim for so long that I do not even have to think about what I want to do.
That muscle memory is hard to defeat.
I tried [spacemacs]( and felt it was a bit much, although I did really like the leader mnemonics.
Next I tried just [evil]( which is nice, and where I am now.
I feel like not using emacs bindings as first class may cause more pain down the line.

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