This is an open source game that is being made for the Android platform. I'm not sure what it's going to be about but it will be a top down scroller.
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Open-Android-Game Copyright © 2011 Open-Android-Game Group
The Open-Android-Game Group consists of:
Kyle Paulsen
Ryan Souza
Xiaolong Cheng
Max Strater

This is our Open Android Game.
It it built on the Android 2.1 Platform.


It really helps if you have an android phone - this is an android app after 

* First you need the android SDK. You can get it here:
  Download the correct one for your system.

* This guide is very detailed about how to set things up:
  Make sure you follow steps 1-4 carefully as they are the most important.
  On step 4 make sure you check SDK Platform Android 2.1

* Import the project into Eclipse. 
  File->Import General->"Existing Projects Into Workspace"
* At this point you should be able to build (Run -> Run).
  If you are getting tons of errors then eclipse isn't looking in the 
  correct place for some libraries. You will need to find the correct
  JARs and add them to the list of Libraries for the project.
  Add them here: 
  Project->Properties    then... "Java Build Path" on the left
  and then the libraries tab near the top.
  The required libraries are:
    * Android.jar in the android 7 directory somewhere in the sdk directory.
    * JRE System Library
* If you build and run in the emulator right away, the app will probably crash 
  due to insufficient memory. This is why it's important to run using your own 
  device. Even if the emulator doesn't crash, it might run extremely slow to a 
  point where the game is unplayable. Use this guide to set up your device to 
  run the build:
  You don't need to do step 1 of this guide as it was already done.

So far this game is a top down 2D scroller - as in the player has a bird's
eye view of his character and the world around him. This game is to become 
somewhat of a exploration/creation/survival game. Hopefully, in the future, 
all 3 of these themes will be an integral part of this game. Also hopefully,
the game will have a title. One other thing we aim to do is procedurally 
generate all maps (and maybe other things) based on the player's 
GPS coordinates. All other ideas can be read about in our repository wiki.