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A more intuitive way to manage pages in the WordPress admin
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Nested Pages for WordPress

Nested Pages provides an intuitive drag and drop interface for managing pages & posts in the WordPress admin, while maintaining quick edit functionality.

For installation and usage information visit Available for download/installation in the WordPress Plugin Directory.


Nested Pages requires PHP v5.3.2+ and WordPress v3.8+.

Why PHP 5.3.2+?: Nested Pages takes advantage of Composer, specifically its PSR-4 auto-loading component. Because of this, the minimum version of PHP supported is 5.3.2.

Why WordPress 3.8+?: Nested Pages depends on admin theme changes introduced in WordPress 3.8.



Nested Pages offers

  • A drag and drop interface - simple and intuitive
  • Quick edit functionality
  • An expandable, sortable tree view of your site's page structure
  • A native WordPress menu, automatically generated to match your Nested Pages screen
  • A way to quickly add child pages (ideal for development)
  • A touch-friendly interface


This plugin wouldn't be possible without the Nested Sortable jQuery Plugin. It also makes use of the jQuery UI Touch Punch plugin for touch support.

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