A Mac OS X keyboard for inputting Tibetan with the Pema Ts'al orthographic system
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Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema.icns
Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema.keylayout
Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema.tar.gz



This is a Mac OS X keyboard for the Pema Ts'al orthagraphic system. It is based on the free and open source Monlam Bod-yig by Lobsang Monlam.

Modifications were made using the open source software Ukelele, distributed by SIL International.


To get, clone this repository or download the .tar.gz file.

To use, install the files 'Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema.icns' and 'Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema.keylayout' into the directory '/Library/Keyboard Layouts/'.

$ cp "Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema.icns" "/Library/Keyboard Layouts"
$ cp "Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema.keylayout" "/Library/Keyboard Layouts"

Then within System Preferences --> Keyboard --> + sign --> Others --> 'Monlam Bod-yig v3.00_pema'.


Once selected, the keyboard maps exactly to the original keyboard, with the following exceptions:

spacebar = Small tseg [࿝] option + spacebar = Big tseg [࿭] option + shift + spacebar = conventional tseg [་] a = Cut shad [࿽] option + s = dragtseg [࿞] option + e = drudragtreg [࿾] option + b = drutseg [࿮]