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Welcome to the comic-bored wiki!

This is the help page for the alpha version. The help page will get better as comic bored gets better!!


You can create assets. They like the different objects in your comic. They can be people, furniture, backgrounds, or even something you upload!!

They appear in the asset menu on the right. To add them to your comic, click on them, and then drag them to the right spot. Do things you want on the bottom first.


You can create your own people! Click "Create person" in the asset menu. I plan to add different faces soon, but that is not ready yet.


You can also make backgrounds. Each part of the background has its own color. Set it's percent to change how tall it is from the top. 100% is 300px, so 50% would be 150px.


Object are predrawn objects, such as furniture. I plan to add more soon.


You can add captions! Click "Add caption/speech box". Drag them, and click them to change their text. Then go into the properties menu and type the value. Click anywhere to save it.


Just take a screenshot to save. I plan to add better saving options soon.

Bugs and Ideas

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