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A centralized API for posting multiple video mirrors to a single stickied reddit comment
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Typically, subreddits want mirror links stickied to the top of each thread so readers can find live mirrors without having to filter through comments themselves.

The a-centralized-mirror service will maintain a single stickied comment with a list of links to the mirrors. Registered bots can update their status (new/updated/removed mirror) on-demand and a-mirror-bot will update the stickied comment accordingly. Here's a general overview of how it works:

  1. some-other-mirror-bot downloads a video to mirror
  2. some-other-mirror-bot submits an API request to this service
  3. a-mirror-bot posts/updates the stickied comment on the post

Example Posts

A post maintained by a-mirror-bot will look similar to the following:

The following mirrors are available:

Note: this listing is provided for convenience only; if you have issues using one of the mirrors listed here, please address them directly with the bot developer

^share ^your ^thoughts ^| ^look ^at ^my ^programming

Mirrors are listed in the order in which they're sent to the mirror service.

Subreddit Moderators

This bot will only be activated on subreddits where the moderators have already approved its functionality and an agreement is in place.

If you're a moderator of a subreddit and your community is interested in having its mirror bots use a single stickied list of mirrors, please contact the developer for additional information.

If you're looking for a new or additional mirror bot and not a mirror listing service, please see the Tuckbot project.

Bot Developers

If you're interested in integrating your bot with this service, please take a moment to read over our wiki. You will find additional information and an overview of our API.

You will need to contact the developer to register your bot and receive your unique API access tokens. In your message, please include:

bot username:
developer username:
active subreddits:


If you are integrating a-centralized-mirror into your mirror service, it's highly recommended that you add error handling for cases where the service may be unavailable or have an error in processing your request. Consider queuing and retrying requests occasionally until they succeed or bypassing the service entirely and manually posting the mirror link using your own bot.

This service is provided as a fun hobby and does not come with any SLA.

And a standing ovation to...

I absolutely cannot thank RoboPhred enough for this help with this project and every single project I've worked on for the past decade. You are, without a doubt, the smartest man I'll ever know and the only reason I can program at all. Thank you so very much for your patience over the past decade of mentorship you've provided me.

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