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Serveral libraries that can be used with play
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This project contains a set of libraries that can be used with Play Framework 2.0. We are currently only focussing on the Scala side of things.

Currently most of these libraries are under development. Each time a stable version is finished it is published to the release repository at Latest development versions can be obtained from the snapshot repository at

Note that these libraries may change drastically as long as they have 1.0-SNAPSHOT as version.

You can use the projects in two ways:

  1. Download the project and execute play publish-local
  2. Add the snapshot (or release) repository as a resolver in your Build.scala file:
val main = PlayProject(appName, appVersion, appDependencies, mainLang = SCALA).settings(
    resolvers += "Rhinofly Internal Repository" at ""

The following libraries are available:

  • amf ActionScript Message Format
  • s3 Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • ses Amazon Simple Email Service
  • aws-utils Amazon AWS utils (for example Version 4 signing)
  • sts Amazon Security Token Service

Running tests

A lot of these projects require settings defined in the application.conf file. These might contain sensitive information (access keys and secrets). In order to run the tests you need create a directory called conf within the test directory and place an application.conf inside. This is already added to the .gitignore file and thus can not be accidentally commited.

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