A simple webapp to monitor Linux server stats (optimized for Firefox OS).
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Stats, for Firefox OS.

Stats is a simple set of files that runs basic GNU/Linux commands, parses the information with PHP into HTML, and refreshes/styles itself with JavaScript and CSS, respectively.

This app displays as a single page in a web browser, with its style optimized for mobile devices.

What's it for?

I wrote this app so I could easily monitor my home server--from my mobile or laptop, home or elsewhere. I wanted to make this app simple--and most importantly--useful. At a glance, it is easy to see information such as:

  • System name/OS/architecture
  • Uptime
  • Load averages
  • Temperature sensors and fan speed
  • Disk usage and free space
  • Currently logged-in users

How do you use it?

Currently, as long as you have a standard LAMP stack (and basic GNU/Linux command line tools such as gawk, grep, lm-sensors, and maybe a few others) everything should work almost out of the box. You do need to modify a few entries in /scripts/systemDiskSpace.php and /scripts/systemSensors.php so that information from the proper thermal sensors and disk locations is read and displayed.

What's the plan for this project?

My upcoming plans include:

  • Packaging this to be a hosted webapp for Firefox OS.
  • Adding a simple config.txt file to make setting up thermal sensors and disk usage settings easier (possibly written/edited by app settings menu).
  • Possibly adding interactive features, making this app a little more versatile (e.g. manual information refresh or an adjustable interval, HTML5 graphics).

Recent additions:

  • Information fields now expand/collapse on click or touch.