Azure Table Storage stores for Identity Server 3
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Azure Table Storage Store for Identity Server 3

This project implement different stores for Identity Server 3 using Azure Table Storage as the data store.

Currently implemented

  • Refresh Token Store
  • Authorization Code Store
  • Client Store


  • Scope Store
  • Consent Store

How to use

To use download the nuget package.

Once you have the nuget package installed setup the factory.

var connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["AzureTableStorage"].ConnectionString;
var clientStore = new AzureTableStorageClientStore(connectionString);

var refreshTokenStore = new AzureTableStorageRefreshTokenStore(clientStore, scopeStore, connectionString);
var authorizationTokenStore = new AzureTableStorageAuthorizationCodeStore(clientStore, scopeStore, connectionString);

var factory = new IdentityServerServiceFactory
    ClientStore = new Registration<IClientStore>(clientStore),
    RefreshTokenStore = new Registration<IRefreshTokenStore>(_ => refreshTokenStore),
    AuthorizationCodeStore = new Registration<IAuthorizationCodeStore>(_ => authorizationTokenStore)
    // other setup omitted