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Presentaur is a tool for hosting meetings with lots of speakers without having to manually compile slide decks in advance or to juggle lots of different laptops during the presentation.

Using Presentaur, a meeting owner can create an event in advance and share a link with people who will be speaking at the event. Speakers have a simple interface for adding a url for the content they plan to share at the event. They can edit this content up to the minute they start speaking, even if the meeting has already started.

Once the meeting begins, the meeting owner enters DJ mode. The meeting owner sees all the speakers as a playlist. The owner can move between speakers, reorder speakers and see how much time is left in the meeting with a couple of clicks. The interface even works on a tablet or phone. And all without needing to find an adapter for a laptop or change the settings on a projector.

Presentaur is live on the web at:

The Stack Presentaur is built on a MEAN stack, uses and is deployed on Heroku.


Screen Shots

Main Screen: User can choose to log in through Google or LinkedIn.

Dashboard View: Once logged in user is redirected to their dashboard view where they can create new Presentaurs, view Presentaurs in which they are speaking, hosting or both.

Add Content View: Presenters who have received an invitation to speak are able to add their content url from this screen.

Host / DJ Control View: From this screen the host of the Presentaur has the ability to control flow

Audience View: The computer connected to the projector will see this page with the speaker's content url. When the Presentaur is started from the Host View, the content will increase to full screen.

Kyle Warneck
Eric Hannum
Brannon Lucas