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Type Enforcer

Dr Bernhardt or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ruby Interpreter

Provides assertions about the types of objects (something some would refer to as static typing)


Anyway, have some code samples! (after gem install type-enforcer)

require 'type-enforcer'

using TypeEnforcer
  # Uses refinements
  # Keep in mind this is experimental in Ruby 2.0.0!

  # Raises error unless @user is not null

  # Calls blank? on @item if method exists

  # Raises error if params[:id] is not a fixnum
  # (Internally, this calls params[:id].fixnum?)

Here's a quick rundown of available methods (proper docs to come... as soon as refinements can be documented)

@obj.enforce(String)                        # Returns nil unless @obj.acts_as?(String) (also aliased to @obj.e(String))
@obj.enforce(:fixnum?)                      # Returns nil unless @obj.fixnum? is true (also aliased to @obj.e(:fixnum?))
@obj.enforce!(Fixnum)                       # Throws error if @obj is not a Fixnum; returns @obj otherwise (also aliaed to @obj.e!(Fixnum))
@obj.enforce(String, error: 'derp')         # Returns 'derp' unless @obj.acts_as?(String) (also aliased to @obj.e(String))
@obj.enforce(error: AuthError, &block)      # Raises AuthError unless &block returns thruthy (gets called with `@obj)
@obj.enforce(:fixnum?)                      # Returns nil unless @obj.fixnum? is true (also aliased to @obj.e(:fixnum?))
@obj.enforce!(Fixnum)                       # Throws `NotFulfilledError` if @obj is not a Fixnum; returns @obj otherwise (also aliaed to @obj.e!(Fixnum))
@obj.enforce!(:whole?)                      # Throws error if @obj.whole? is false; returns @obj otherwise (also aliased to @obj.e!(:whole?))
@obj.acts_as?(Numeric)                      # Return true if Numeric === @obj (used instead of === directly so it can be overridden)
@obj.present?                               # Returns true unless @obj.nil?
@obj.present!                               # Raises `NotPresentError` unless @obj.present? (also aliased to @obj.p!)
@obj.present!(error: 'derp')                # Returns 'derp' if unless @obj.present?
@obj.present!(error: AuthError)             # Raises AuthError unless @obj.present?
@obj.try(:split, 'a')                       # Calls @obj.split('a'); returns nil if any errors are raised
@obj.try(:to_s, num, rescue: ArgumentError) # Calls @obj.split(num); returns nil if ArgumentError is raised
@obj.try {|o| o.split(num)}                 # Returns @obj.split(num) if no errors are raised; returns nil otherwise
@obj.blank?                                 # Returns @obj.nil? or @obj.try(:empty?)

@string.numeric?                            # Returns true if @string is a number
@string.fixnum?                             # Returns true if @string is an integer
@string.blank?                              # Returns true if @string contains only whitespace characters
@number.whole?                              # Return true if number is evenly divisible by an integer (ie, does not contain a decimal)


type-enforcer is currently limited to Ruby 2.0.0, and uses the experimental refinements, which is subject to exploding at a moment's noticed.